Student Project from Tim Jacoby's class in OSU's Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design

Mechanical children’s toy: View of internal cams, gears, wheels, and levers. Student project.

Design Education

Mr. Jacoby teaches extensively in the Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design at The Ohio State University, which U.S. News & World Report continually ranks as one of the top design programs nationally. Classes cover a wide variety of topics, from large, formal lectures to more intimate studio settings. A firm believer in participating in design education, Mr. Jacoby lists the collaborative, interactive nature of his courses as their greatest reward. He received his MFA in Design Development from OSU in 2008.

  • Basic Design 1: Two-and-three dimensional problem solving through the development of iterative design processes.
  • Basic Design 2: The introduction of formal research in the process of two-and-three dimensional design.
  • Basic Typography: Theory and practice of typography, including historical development, terminology, type classifications systems, and concepts of logical document structure.
  • Design History: Understanding the various styles, movements, and philosophies of design from the Industrial Revolution to the present day.
  • Information Design: Theory and practice in the visual communication of complicated processes, systems, and data sets.
  • Materials and Processes: Exploration of the technologies, processes, and materials used in the creation of publications, industrial objects, and built environments.
  • Multimedia Design: Introduction to basic coding concepts using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; search engine optimization; understanding information architecture; and the visual design of Websites.
  • Photographics: Experimental approaches to two-dimensional composition, emphasizing the control of tone, value, and contrast in the creation of graphic space.