Materials and Processes

Basic machining processes: sawing, milling, drilling, reaming, threading, counter-boring, and lathing. Building the Apprentice Piece, Produced by Tim Jacoby and Ryan Hale.

Introduction to Materials and Processes for DesignersCourse: LectureStudents: 60 | The Ohio State University
Design 254. Winter 2012

Design and production are not separate processes, but work together in tandem in any real-world project. This course provides a primer on the technology, processes, and materials designers use professionally in the creation of publications, industrial objects, and built environments. On completion, students will be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues in the manufacturing, construction, and printing industries.

Visual Communication Design:
A brief history of printing is presented, from the use of etchings, engravings, and letterpress to the development of early lithography. Contemporary lithographic methods will also be discussed, from the work of pre-press technicians to on-press printing processes.

Industrial Design:
In manufacturing, the processing of industrial materials—plastics, metals, wood and natural fibers, and ceramics and glass—can be roughly divided into four categories: forming, cutting, joining, and finishing. This class examines basic techniques within these categories, such as blow molding, steam bending, photochemical machining, soldering, and anodizing.

Interior Design:
The rapid evolution of industrial building materials over the last several years is driven by two primary developments: recent technological advances offering innovative functional properties and attempts to minimize—or even negate—their environment costs. Understanding the dynamic of these two forces is essential to today’s architects and industrial designers. This class examines recent breakthroughs in the design of materials such as eco-friendly concrete and interactive walls that react to the appearance of viewers by undulating in their presence.

Required Texts:
Production for Graphic Designers, by Alan Pipes
Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment, edited by Blaine Brownell
Manufacturing processes for Design Professionals, by Rob Thompson